You’ve invested time, money, and energy into your business. In order to ensure you don’t lose valuable time or put your inventory at risk, depending on the type of business you run, a backup generator is ideal to guarantee a power outage will not affect your company. A commercial generator works similarly to a residential generator. However, a commercial system will be a bit sturdier, made with stronger metals, an electronics system that produces higher power wattage outputs, more efficient cooling components to handle greater heat, and a larger engine. A standby generator will provide your business with electrical power for predetermined equipment should a power outage occur.

If there’s a disruption in your business’ power supply, a generator from Blackout Generators and Service will kick into gear, enabling power to continue working regardless of electrical interruptions. As soon as normal power is restored, your generator will automatically return to standby mode. A good backup plan is essential for any business. At Blackout Generators, we are an authorized Generac® residential and commercial power dealer, so you know your business will be backed by only the best. In addition to installation services, we also service all generators for warranty work and regular maintenance.

Ensure your business has the security and certainty of never losing power with a commercial generator. Contact us today to learn more.