Does Medicare Pay For Generators?

Does Medicare Pay For Generators?

Severe health conditions can be daunting at times. In some cases, people depend on the continuous working of their medical equipment to keep their hearts beating. Having a power outage in such a situation can potentially prove to be fatal, and that’s just one of the many reasons why you must have a residential generator with you!

If you or anyone in your family relies on the continuous supply of electricity to stay in good health, you should buy a generator that fits your needs. However, you might be left wondering if Medicare covers the cost of installing these generators or if it pays for your generators. Blackout Generators are here to help you know all about the Medicare terms and their policies.

What does Medicare cover?

Dedicated to cover the medical costs of the elderly and disabled, Medicare extends financial support for buying various healthcare equipment. Advanced devices such as oxygen machines require a constant supply of electricity to function.

While you may need the best home generator to keep your machines running, Medicare does not cover the costs of purchasing or installing a dedicated residential generator.

Medicaid Waivers

The Home and Community-based services provided to people who remain in their homes instead of nursing rooms cover certain modifications for Environmental Accessibility Adaptation. Under this waiver, some people can avail the cost coverages for their residential generator once a case manager audits their needs.

Types of Residential Generators

While you may get the approval and avail a waiver for the funding of your generator, the type of your residential generator tends to vary.

Some states cover the costs for generators dedicated to the functioning of your medical equipment only, while others may provide coverage for a full-fledged home generator. Your generator dealer can also guide you well during this selection phase.

It is necessary to buy a generator when your life is dependent on medical equipment’s continued operations. With Blackout Generators, you get high-performance and reliable residential generators to secure your needs. Visit Blackout Generators today and get your hands on the best home generators with ease!