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While a power outage may seem like an inconvenience at best and a major disaster at worst, the reality is somewhere in between. A power outage can range from a few hours to several days, depending on the cause and the area affected. Being prepared for the possibility of extended blackouts and burnouts is vital during this time.

At Blackout Generators and Service, we've been helping Oklahoma homeowners and businesses stay prepared for power outages for more than five years. We understand the value and peace of mind people get from knowing they can weather any storm, literally and figuratively. This summer, we expect power outages to be more widespread and longer-lasting than ever before. Here's what you need to know to be prepared:


Planned or not, a drop in voltage for an electrical power supply system will result in a brownout. What seems like a complete 180 on the whole neighborhood's day can be prepared for with the right blackout generators. Blackout Generators is focused on providing the best portable generators in Oklahoma so that no brownout undermines your day. Get a free in-home survey today and stop worrying about future outages.

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During a power outage, it is important to be prepared. You never know when a storm or other situation will knock out your power, so you want to have a plan of action before the lights go out. Here are 4 Things to Do During a Power Outage:

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Ensure That You Always Have Power When You Need It

Most people think that backup generators are a luxury item that only few can afford. However, that’s not the case. At Blackout Generators, we take pride in offering backup generators at affordable prices, making it easy for everyone to ensure they have power when they need it most. Continue reading for four reasons why you need a backup generator, and explore our collection to get yours today!


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Power cuts have become increasingly common these days. With various options available around, it becomes difficult to choose the most efficient residential generator during these unexpected power outages.

Whole house generators prove to be a reliable solution to sort your power needs and keep your lights on. It is vital to choose the best home generator to have a seamless experience even when the power goes out. Today, the team of Blackout Generators has curated the top three reasons to buy a whole house generator. Let’s get into it!

Better Security

As evident as it may seem to be, the chances of burglaries tend to increase during long power cuts. This can prove to be a major loss when it comes to night power outages, making it difficult to catch hold of these robbers.

Whole house generators supply power to the entire house security system along with the lights—all your caution alarms stay active and in place. A generator dealer is likely to walk you through these aspects at the time of...


You can never predict when the lights will go off and your computer shuts down. Unexpected power outages can cause severe outcomes, including the spoilage of refrigerated food or your inbuilt pipes freezing due to the temperature dip. You may need to buy a generator so that you can keep your house going.

Standby generators prove to be the best home generator whenever your main power supply is shut, whether due to storms, animal intervention, or deliberate effort. Today, Blackout Generators have put together all the aspects you must know about a standby generator. Let’s dive in!

Automatic Switching

Standby generators have an automatic operation to help you make a quick switch when the utility power is cut. It detects the power outages and, within a few seconds, turns on the generator power to help you continue with your work.

Efficient residential generators provided by Blackout Generators operate almost instantly when the electricity goes off and serves you with nothing but the...

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Severe health conditions can be daunting at times. In some cases, people depend on the continuous working of their medical equipment to keep their hearts beating. Having a power outage in such a situation can potentially prove to be fatal, and that’s just one of the many reasons why you must have a residential generator with you!

If you or anyone in your family relies on the continuous supply of electricity to stay in good health, you should buy a generator that fits your needs. However, you might be left wondering if Medicare covers the cost of installing these generators or if it pays for your generators. Blackout Generators are here to help you know all about the Medicare terms and their policies.

What does Medicare cover?

Dedicated to cover the medical costs of the elderly and disabled, Medicare extends financial support for buying various healthcare equipment. Advanced devices such as oxygen machines require a constant supply of electricity to function.

While you may need the best...

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Unexpected power cuts can often ruin your most-awaited plans— whether it is a movie night with your friends or a fun family celebration. Going without electricity can gradually turn your annoyance into a serious matter of concern if the problem persists. This is exactly why one must have a residential generator at all times!

It is vital to buy a generator for your home after analyzing your power needs. This can significantly help you to get the best home generator with ease. Today, the experienced team of Blackout Generators has got you an integrated solution to help in times of crisis. Let’s explore!

Know Your Requirements

Based on the need, you can either opt for a home standby generator or a portable generator. While you decide to buy a specific type, you must consult with your generator dealer to choose the solution that matches what you want. Blackout Generators can guide you throughout this phase to make the best choice.

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